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Symptoms of Macular Degeneration

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a very common condition in America. It occurs when the macula, located in the center of your retina, becomes damaged. Because the macula is responsible for helping you see clear details, such as facial features, macular degeneration can greatly impact your quality of life. Keeping regular appointments with youreye doctor […]

When Should I Have a Diabetic Eye Exam?

Diabetes is a condition that affects many areas of the body, including the eyes. The tissues and blood vessels in the eyes are very delicate and can be easily damaged by diabetes. When this happens, it’s called diabetic retinopathy. Youreye doctor in Falls Church, VA, offers special diabetic eye exams to patients who need them. […]

What Happens After a Glaucoma Diagnosis?  

Receiving a diagnosis of glaucoma can feel scary, leaving you unnerved and wondering what comes next. The good thing about having glaucoma diagnosed is that treatment can begin immediately, potentially saving your eyesight. Here’s what happens after a glaucoma diagnosis. Education Our optometrists in Bailey’s Crossroads, VA, don’t make any assumptions about our patients. After a […]