Emergency Eye Care: When to Seek Immediate Assistance

The eyes are among the most vulnerable parts of the body, and vision is undeniably important to one’s well-being. Therefore, when one experiences a critical situation with their eyes, it is important to seek emergency eye care in Falls Church as soon as possible.

Recognizing Signs of Eye Emergencies

Whenever the eye, the structures of the eye, or the tissue surrounding the eye sustains trauma or is causing extreme pain, it is important to seek emergency treatment. Signs of an eye emergency may include:

  • A foreign body lodged in the eye
  • Severe eye pain
  • Drastic changes in your vision
  • Infection-related symptoms
  • Visual flashes or floaters that appear suddenly

Common Eye Injuries and Traumas

  • Corneal abrasions: Scratches on the cornea, often caused by foreign objects or contact lens misuse, which cause discomfort and light sensitivity.
  • Chemical burns: Exposure to acidic or alkaline substances causing severe eye irritation and potential vision loss.
  • Hyphemas: Bleeding inside the eye, typically due to trauma, which leads to pain and decreased vision.
  • Retinal detachment: Separation of the retina from its underlying tissue causing sudden flashes of light and floaters; immediate medical attention is required to prevent permanent vision loss.
  • Orbital fractures: Fractures of the bones surrounding the eye leading to swelling, bruising, and double vision.

Steps to Take in Case of Eye Emergency

If you are experiencing an eye health emergency, contact an eye doctor immediately for advice. If something is lodged in the eye, don’t try to remove it. Conversely, if chemicals or other fluid contaminants have splashed into your eyes, wash your eyes with clean water as soon as possible.

Are you experiencing an eye health emergency and need advice from a Falls Church eye doctor? Contact the team at Nova Vision Center for professional guidance on what to do.

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