3 Dangerous Myths About Diabetes and the Eyes

Have you been diagnosed with diabetes? If so, working with an optometrist for diabetes vision care in Falls Church is important. Unfortunately, several myths can hinder you from seeking the care you need. Take a look at a few of the most common myths and facts to know about diabetes and your visual health.

Myth: Low blood sugar does not affect the eyes.

Just as high blood glucose levels can harm your eyes and vision, so can low blood sugar levels. Individuals who experience low blood glucose levels can have several issues with their vision, including dim or blurred vision and less color sensitivity than usual.

Myth: Diabetes is not a vision concern if you are on medication.

Even if you consistently take diabetes medication to keep your blood sugar levels stabilized, it is important to seek routine vision checkups. While your blood sugar may seem stable, the condition can still affect your eyes. The more proactive you are about monitoring for changes, the less likely it will be that diabetes leads to a condition like diabetic retinopathy.

Myth: Diabetics don’t need eye exams more frequently than usual.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, having an annual eye exam is important. Normally, adults only need an eye exam every few years unless certain concerns need to be monitored. Therefore, you do need more frequent appointments.

Discuss Diabetes and Your Eyes with a Falls Church Eye Doctor

If you have diabetes, it’s important to create a care plan with an eye doctor in Falls Church. Contact the team at Nova Vision Center to schedule an appointment.

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