The Benefits of Vision Therapy for Stroke Recovery

If you’ve had a stroke, you know the physical and cognitive effects it can have on your life. And that includes the effect it has on your vision. That’s where your optometrist in Falls Church, VA, can help.

Vision-Related Therapy to Help in Your Recovery After Having a Stroke

Here are several ways vision therapy in Falls Church, VA, can help you improve your vision after you’ve had a stroke.

How Vision Therapy Helps in Stroke Recovery

Vision therapy can quite possibly help in your stroke recovery. It’s a non-evasive and highly effective option for improving your visual functions. It does this by strengthening the synaptic function of any residual cells surviving after your stroke. It can also help to halt further degradation of your visual perception.

The Benefits of Vision Therapy After Having a Stroke

Post-stroke vision therapy has many benefits, including improving eye movements, visual tracking, depth perception, and peripheral vision.

The Importance of Early Intervention

The key to vision therapy after having a stroke is getting help early on. Early intervention will help ensure you get the most out of your vision therapy. The sooner you start your vision therapy sessions after having your stroke, the better the chances are your vision and overall recovery will improve.

Do You Need an Optometrist in Falls Church, VA?

If you’ve had a stroke and are experiencing vision challenges, seek help immediately! Don’t wait! Your vision recovery depends on it. Contact Nova Vision Center today. We can help. At Nova Vision Center, we offer comprehensive vision therapy services designed to address various visual issues. We look forward to helping you improve your vision before it’s too late.

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