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Contact Lens Exam: What to Expect

If you’ve been wondering if contact lenses are right for you, then it’s time to visit an eye doctor for a contact lens exam. Here at Nova Vision Center, we’re happy to offer trusted eyecare services. Whether you need new eyeglasses or acontact lens exam in Falls Church, VA, we’re the place to call. Contact […]

Does Myopia Disappear in Later Years?

If you have myopia and wear glasses or contact lenses in Falls Church, VA, you may wish that there was a way to correct your vision once and for all. While myopia may get a little bit better naturally over time, it will never disappear all by itself. What Causes Myopia? One of the primary causes […]

In Case of Emergency

Let’s face it. Accidents happen, and vision-related emergencies are not unusual. Nova Vision Center has been serving families in Falls Church, VA, for more than 70 years, and we understand the angst a patient suffers when faced with a vision abnormality of any kind. We are prepared to deal with emergencies in a variety of ways. The […]

What Happens During a Contact Lens Exam?

Do you want contact lenses? If so, your optometrist in Falls Church, VA, will need to perform a comprehensive contact lens exam. But what happens during a contact lens exam? Here are the steps that take place during a comprehensive contact lens exam in Falls Church, VA. Step One – Consultation Your optometrist will talk […]

What is the Purpose of a Diabetic Eye Exam?

Youroptometrist in Falls Church, VA, serves many purposes beyond giving you a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses. At Nova Vision Center, we’re proud to offer diagnoses and treatment for a wide range of optometric problems, including things like dry eye syndrome, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy, to name a few. One of the ways […]

Pros and Cons of Scleral Lenses

State-of-the-art scleral lenses that cover more of the eye’s surface than traditional contacts may be just what the doctor ordered if you have previously had trouble wearing contacts and want to put aside external eyeglasses. But what are the associated benefits and disadvantages? Here’s what you need to know: Because scleral lenses are larger than […]

What Is InfantSEE®?

InfantSEE® is an amazing program developed by the American Optometric Association. The beauty of it is that it offers a free one-time comprehensive eye exam for infants. This program is available free to everyone. It doesn’t matter what your income is or if you don’t have insurance. However, it’s only available to children between six […]

Why Do Contact Lens Exams Cost More?

It’s not always easy to make regular appointments with the doctor, especially if you’re watching your pennies. So it may seem annoying or even infuriating that eye exams are priced differently depending on whether you’re looking for glasses orcontacts in Fall Church, VA. Whether you’re just curious or you’re debating putting off an exam, we’ll […]