What Happens After a Glaucoma Diagnosis?  

Receiving a diagnosis of glaucoma can feel scary, leaving you unnerved and wondering what comes next. The good thing about having glaucoma diagnosed is that treatment can begin immediately, potentially saving your eyesight. Here’s what happens after a glaucoma diagnosis.


Our optometrists in Bailey’s Crossroads, VA, don’t make any assumptions about our patients. After a glaucoma diagnosis, we thoroughly explain what the diagnosis means, what stage it is in, and what to expect in terms of vision health and treatment options.

Treatment Plan

A personalized treatment plan will be created to address your individual circumstances. The treatment plan will be based on the exact diagnosis, including the stage of advancement of the glaucoma. Treatment may include prescription medication, drops, and/or surgery.

Treatment Management

Throughout treatment, you and your optometrist will work together to monitor progress, manage treatment, and assess the glaucoma condition as it responds to treatment. Patient participation is integral to a positive outcome, and we welcome patient feedback, questions, and comments.

Follow-up Visits

Continuing with your regular and special follow-up visits is essential. In this way, your condition can be monitored over time. Managing glaucoma can save your eyesight, so these visits are important and necessary.

Lifestyle Changes and Disease Management

Lifestyle factors such as smoking and health conditions such as diabetes can influence the development of glaucoma, so certain modifications may be needed to ensure your healthy eyesight. Your eye doctor will review a list of factors with you so that you can make any needed changes at home.

At Nova Vision Center Bailey’s Crossroads, VA, we not only test and diagnose glaucoma in Bailey’s Crossroads, VA, but we also offer follow-up treatment for our new and existing patients. Contact us today to book your appointment.

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