The Dangers of Wearing Outdated Contact Lenses

When was the last time you had your prescription for contact lenses in Falls Church, VA, updated? If it means more than a year, it’s time for a new eye exam by an optometrist and a new contact lens prescription. Wearing outdated contact lenses is very bad for your eyes in so many ways.

What Are Outdated Contact Lenses?

Outdated contact lenses are lenses that are either:

  • Past their expiration date (as noted on the original contact lens packaging)
  • One-day/disposable lenses being worn for longer periods of time
  • Lenses based on a prescription past one-year-old

Dangers of Wearing Outdated Contact Lenses

Most people want to get as much use as possible out of the things they purchase. But when it comes to contact lenses, it’s important not to wear them past their date. The dangers include:

Wearing older prescription lenses that no longer fit your vision needs. This can harm your eyesight since your eyes are trying to adapt to contacts that warp your vision in irregular ways.

Wearing disposable lenses for longer periods of time is dangerous because the materials used in disposable lenses are not as durable as regular lenses. The lenses break down more quickly, with the potential to leave harmful residue or materials in the eye after taking out the lens.

Lenses worn past their expiration date have the same problem. They aren’t meant to last more than the time listed on their packaging. They are more likely to tear, which could possibly scratch your retina or cause other problems.

It’s very easy to make an appointment with your optometrist in Falls Church, VA, for new contact lenses. Even a slight change in your prescription can make a big difference in your eyesight. Contact us today to book your contact lens eye exam.

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