What Happens During a Contact Lens Exam?

Do you want contact lenses? If so, your optometrist in Falls Church, VA, will need to perform a comprehensive contact lens exam. But what happens during a contact lens exam?

Here are the steps that take place during a comprehensive contact lens exam in Falls Church, VA.

Step One – Consultation

Your optometrist will talk with you about your overall health, eye health, and medical history.

Step Two – Contact Lens Exam

The optometrist will check your eyes to see if you have any developing eye conditions. They will also check your vision to determine what level of prescription you will need.

Step Three – Contact Lens Fitting

During your contact lens fitting, your optometrist will take some measurements to ensure a proper fit for your lenses.

Those fittings include the following:

·Corneal Curvature

This fitting is to make sure your new contact lenses fit the curve of your eye. They will do this by measuring the curvature of the front surface of your eye as well as your cornea.

·Pupil Size

This step is to measure the size of your pupil.

·Tear Film Evaluation

Dry eye is often a problem with contact lens wearers. So Your optometrist will need to make sure you have enough tear film to keep your lenses moist. If you don’t, you won’t be a candidate for contact lenses.

·Contact Lens Trial

After your exam, your eye doctor will give you a trial pair of contact lenses to try on to confirm the fit.

·Contact Lens Prescription

If the trial pair of contact lenses fits, your eye doctor will order your permanent prescription contact lenses.

Follow-Up Exam

Your eye doctor might want to see you for a follow-up exam to see how your eyes are adjusting to your new contacts. They will also want to make sure they are fitting correctly.

Looking for an Optometrist in Falls Church, VA?

Getting contact lenses is exciting. But you are going to need an optometrist to perform the exam for you. Please Contact Nova Vision Center today to schedule an appointment. Our top-notch care services include a wide range of contact lenses. So we have something for every need.

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