Pros and Cons of Scleral Lenses

State-of-the-art scleral lenses that cover more of the eye’s surface than traditional contacts may be just what the doctor ordered if you have previously had trouble wearing contacts and want to put aside external eyeglasses.

But what are the associated benefits and disadvantages?

Here’s what you need to know: Because scleral lenses are larger than traditional contacts, and because they are hard rather than flexible, they can be worn by people with irregularly-shaped corneas and by those who have had lasik surgery. They are also said to be comfortable for people with chronic dry eye.

Scleral contacts, with proper training, may also be easier to insert and wear because of their size. They are crafted of gas-permeable material, so they allow oxygen to reach your cornea, and they can be worn for longer periods without discomfort or damage to the eye.

However, there are some cautionary guidelines:

For wearers who are new to scleral lenses, adapting to this type of contact may be challenging at first. Even though this type of contact lens was first developed in 1887, they are a relatively recent option for most contact lens wearers. Previous disadvantages, primarily that earlier versions were not gas-permeable and unsuitable for extended wear, have been addressed. Scleral contacts are now as versatile as other types of contacts, and they can provide much-improved vision correction if properly fitted.

The learning curve for user insertion of scleral lenses may be high, and new users will be given intense training and direction on how to properly insert and remove the lenses.

Close monitoring can prevent problems.

Your vision specialist will monitor your use of scleral lenses closely for at least a month with weekly checkups and then every three months thereafter. This type of contact is subject to lens fogging, clouding, and scratches. If monitored closely, though, potential problems can be addressed before they become critical.

If you’re interested in learning more about modern contact lens options, schedule an appointment withNova Vision Centerfor a consultation and vision check.

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