Does Myopia Disappear in Later Years?

If you have myopia and wear glasses or contact lenses in Falls Church, VA, you may wish that there was a way to correct your vision once and for all. While myopia may get a little bit better naturally over time, it will never disappear all by itself.

What Causes Myopia?

One of the primary causes of myopia is an elongated shape of the eye. This causes light rays entering the eye to miss their target. They bend or refract, which causes blurry eyesight; specifically nearsightedness.

Over time, the elongation of the eye becomes less pronounced. This affects vision and can make a person’s eyesight become “less” myopic. In other words, their nearsightedness might be less severe, and they may experience an improvement in vision. This mild improvement may continue as time goes on, or it may stop at some time. However, the fact that nearsightedness is lessening gives some people the idea that myopia disappears in later years. Unfortunately, this simply isn’t true.

Myopia Control is Possible

While the bad news is that myopia doesn’t go away altogether, it can be controlled so that it doesn’t worsen. For the millions of people who suffer from this condition, that’s good news. When vision stabilizes, it means you can enjoy better vision with your existing prescription, instead of having to change your contacts or eyeglasses prescription more frequently. It also means that your eye doctor in Falls Church, VA can get a baseline measurement of your vision, to use as a guide to see how your eyesight fares over time.

No one wants to live with myopia, but at the very least you can ensure that your eyesight doesn’t worsen when you have some control over the myopia. Contact us to learn more.

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