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Recent History: We were recently quite honored to be listed among the top 5% of all businesses on Angie’s List. Thank you all very much for your support.

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Founded just up the street from out current location our office has been serving the community for over sixty years. Dr. Ralph Swetlow started the practice and was one of the two first doctors in the area to fit contact lenses. He was later joined by his daughter Dr. Robin Rinearson who brought with her a particular interest in children and developmental vision. To this day she continues to work with children who are struggling to read and those with developmental difficulties.

Dr. Christopher Renner joined the practice several years later and shared Dr. Rinearson’s interest in children’s reading. He also brought with him talents for those suffering with traumatic brain injury which show surprising similarly to children’s reading issues.

Later Dr. Robert Warren joined the practice, as a child he learned all about contact lenses from his father, as he cut and shaped them for his father who was also one of the first in the area to fit contact lenses. With these skills Dr. Warren has a particular interest in difficult contact lens fits including keratoconus and other corneal problems.

Our most recent addition to the practice is Dr. Dodge Perry, a patient of Dr. Rinearson as a child he was a non-reader in third grade until visiting Dr. Rinearson and discovering he suffered from an eye alignment disorder. He now enjoys helping children with similar problems and also working with geriatric populations helping them to see optimally. You can find out more about each individual doctor on Our Doctors page.